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Why me?

I would like to answer to that short but complicated question with a simple answer:
Because I can do it.
Not only because I have three years of experience in different areas of graphic design, but because I really want to make sure your company gets the best of me in every way possible. I like to be fast, reliable and accountable.
That means that it does not matter what it is that you want me to do, if for some reason I do not know how to do it, I'll learn it and I will get it done.
I learned how to built this site in 48 hours because I want a position in your company. So, let's go ahead and set up an interview.


If you're still not convinced that I can add value to your company, then here you can see a little bit of my most recent work:
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"One of the most difficult things about the task of governing is to find men with the capacity to carry it out."                    

                                                                                                                    -Juan Domingo Perón.